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Start your project with our Domain Check and find the perfect domain name.

Domain and email products

If you want a website or a store, you need a domain. The name must be well thought out and of course still available.

Then simply and quickly search the domain with the domain check and clarify whether it is still free. If the domain is not yet available, it can simply be put into the shopping cart and ordered. After the order we register the domain on your name and you become the owner of the domain.

Domain Check

With the domain check, a domain can be searched for quickly and easily at peaknetworks. If the domain is still available, it is simply put into the shopping cart and can be ordered. Afterwards we register the domain on you and from now on you as a customer are the owner of the domain.

Domain Check


Every company and every private customer uses e-mail. Therefore, a reliable service for e-mail is very important.

Email services from peaknetworks are SSL encrypted and can be used with all common and modern end devices and programs.

This means you can access your email at peaknetworks with your cell phone, laptop, desktop computer or even with a tablet or smartwatch from anywhere - 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.



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